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We want Bloodborne for PC. We’re not going to be coy about it. From Software’s cosmic horror masterpiece is still regrettably only open to PlayStation users and we hate that. There are a few games out there that scratch the itch though, and if Bloodborne Kart doesn’t do it for you The Last Faith might just give you what you want.

The Last Faith is a brutal souls-like Metroidvania in the realm of Hollow Knight or Blasphemous, but where Hollow Knight brought us bleak insect kingdoms and Blasphemous brought us catholicism, The Last Faith is firmly planted in the shadowy world of gothic horror.

There might be a healthy amount of Castlevania influence in there too.

The Feeling When You Wake Up And Everyone’s A Werewolf

You play as Eryk, one of the many unfortunate amnesiac protagonists in the world of games. You awaken in a grim world full of monsters, with little idea of how you got there.

To make it worse, your mind is beginning to fall apart. If you don’t press on, then there won’t be anything of you left, before long.

You make your way through a world of dark woods, twisting cathedral spires, and lakes of crimson blood. You’ll run into horrible phantoms, crazed townsfolk, and twisted monsters. You fight with a combination of melee, firearms, and supernatural powers. You even have grisly finishers.

Does it sound very similar to From’s title theme-wise? Sure. Does it look like it’s phoning it in? Absolutely not. The visuals are gorgeous and some of the designs look like a ton of fun. An enemy that attacks you with a deadly umbrella? Color us interested.

Did it color you interested too? You can check out The Last Faith now for PC via Steam.

Want something else with a gothic edge? Take a look at our news piece on REKA.



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