The Last Of Us Part 2: Remastered Seems Inbound

More fuel has been added to the fire of The Last of Us II getting the remaster treatment. This sort of behavior shouldn’t be surprising as Naughty Dog has remastered the original multiple times to keep the game on a current generation console.

As spotted by Insider Gaming, lead outsource artist Mark Pajarillo shared on their since-edited LinkedIn profile that they worked on a remaster of The Last of Us II. Rumblings of a remaster have been swirling around the internet since January 2022. More info then surfaced due to a July 2023 interview with composer Gustavo Santaolalla.

This news comes at a rough time for Naughty Dog, coming from a bout of layoffs and its multiplayer game being on thin ice.

What do you think? Would you buy The Last of Us 2: Remastered?

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