The Last Of Us Receives An Insanely Detailed Clicker Sculpture Made From Bread

One House Bakery in the US has sculpted an utterly stunning-looking Clicker made out entirely of bread. It’s both horrifying and amazing in equal quantities, and was achieved by the talent mother and daughter duo Catherine and Hannalee Pervan.

The Clicker creation has been dubbed FunGus, reportedly took 400 hours to create the creature itself as the bread-fungus that you can see in the display’s background. The Pervans are big fans of The Last of Us TV show, and One House has previously made a number of sculptures based on characters from TV shows such as The Mandalorian, Loki, and Star Wars.

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One of the processes involved in its creation saw the team popping balloons wrapped in dough to create the mushrooms. “When the popped balloon is removed, it leaves behind these really strange pod-like shapes we were able to use,” Catherine said.

[Source – San Francisco Chronicle]

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