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Token with taxes and reflections + premium NFTs ecosystem

Token with taxes and reflections + premium NFTs ecosystem

👋 Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you my project that I've developed for a customer.

The project purpose is the creation of an ecosystem with an ERC20 Token and NFTs.

This project contains the Smart Contract written in Solidity and ready to be deployed on EVM Blockchains (Ethereum, BSC, Cronos, …) but optimized for BSC.

Here below the token features:

– ✅ ERC20 Standard Token (can be deployed on any EVM compatible blockchain, e.g. Ethereum, BSC, Cronos, Polygon, …)

– ✅ Buy/Sell Taxes for a total of 13%:

— 1,8% Base Reflections shared among all token holders

— 11,2% Other Taxes as distributed

— 5% Buy back and burn to help the chart to stay green

— 4,2% Premium Reflections for NFT holders to encorauge the distribution of NFTs

— 1% Marketing to help project expansion

— 1% Team Salary to help the team keep buildingmain features

Here below the NFT features:

– ✅ ERC721 Standard NFT

– ✅ Lazy minting, this means that owner has full control over the number of mintable tokens and their price, without paying any fee for NFT minting. (Click here for further details about Lazy Minting)

– ✅ Customer will be able to buy the NFT by sending a part in stable coin and a part in token that will be burned reducing the supply causing scarcity

– ✅ NFT holders will be able to claim the 4,2% of the Premium Reflections generated by the token transactions

– ✅ Premium reflections are equally distributed according to the total number of NFTs minted, every time that a new NFT is minted the rewards are equally distributed to him causing market pressure to buy more NFTs to collect more rewards.

For further details and documentation, please refer to the project github repository:

Bonus: there is also available the dapp that allows customers to buy the ecosystem NFTs:

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