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Top 5 Apps of the Week for Android & iOS: Monster Hunter, Disney and more

Unlike our free app suggestions that come out twice a week, we test each app extensively and get lost in the different games before suggesting them to you in our top 5 list. This means that in this article you will only find apps and mobile games that we ourselves would recommend to our friends and acquaintances.

We also clarify the most important questions for you: Do you need an account? Does the app cost anything and what about advertising and in-app purchases? So that you don’t have to dig through the Google Play Store or the App Store, we give you this information along with screenshots and videos. Here are the best apps of the 38th calendar week for you.

Disney Magic Kingdoms (Android & iOS).

Can’t get enough of your favorite Disney characters? Then you should definitely take a look at Disney Magic Kingdoms. In this app, you unlock familiar faces from the Disney universe as you progress through the game. From Goofy to Pluto to Woody, they’re all there. Who’s your favorite?

In Disney Magic Kingdom, your task is to create a Disney park. Here you’ll not only build Ferris wheels with Mickey Mouse’s face, but also Cinderella’s dream castle and other attractions. To get the necessary resources, Mickey & Co. will have to complete tasks for you. Thus, over time, you will also come into contact with more and more Disney characters.

Price: Free / Ads: Yes / In-app purchases: Yes / Account required: Yes

Disney Magic Kingdoms App Screenshot
Unlock your favorite Disney characters. / © nextpit

But not everything is colorful in Disney Magic Kingdoms. There are also the familiar villains who want to prevent you from building. The app is free—but you can use real money if you want to get Pluto faster, for example, or if the progress is too slow for you. All in all, a nice app for young and old.

Disney Magic Kingdoms App Screenshot Park
Create your dream park and improve your Disney heroes. / © nextpit

TrainingPeaks (Android & iOS)

Do you regularly do endurance sports and haven’t found the right app yet? Then you should take a look at TrainingPeaks, which serves as a universal hub for all your training data. The service supports smartwatches and trackers from Garmin, Suunto, Fitbit, Apple Watches and more. Exciting for Apple fans at this point: With the new Training API of watchOS 10, planned endurance workouts can be synced directly into the Workout app on the Apple Watch.

Trainingpeaks running on iPhone and Apple Watch
Thanks to watchOS 10’s matching Workout API, scheduled workouts can be synced directly to the Apple Watch. / © Apple

The heart of the TrainingPeaks app is the workout plans. In the free version, you can plan individual workouts piece by piece in the weekly view—and then literally run after the set goals. There are also predefined training units, for example with interval training. For paying users, TrainingPeaks also offers the option of creating training plans for the entire season in one go.

Price: Free / Ads: No / In-app purchases: Yes ($19.99/month, $119.99/year) / Account required: Yes

TrainingPeaks also offers detailed analytics. In the free version of the app, you’ll find numerous statistics and details about your workouts, which, by the way, are automatically synced into the app from Apple Fitness & Co. Paying users have access to a trainer who will analyze your workout sessions together with you.

TrainingPeaks Screenshots
TrainingPeaks offers many options to analyze your workouts. You can also create sophisticated training plans in the app. / © nextpit

Empty. (Android & iOS)

If you’re into puzzle games, you’ll definitely be happy with “Empty.” Especially since it’s a game that doesn’t annoy you with ads, is free, and there are no in-app purchases either. The name of the game says it all: You find a room, with various objects—and you clear this room until it is “empty”. This works by rotating the room so that the object to be removed is in front of a wall of the same color.

Sounds complicated, but it’s a very simple game idea, as you can surely see for yourself by watching the video:

Price: Free / Ads: No / In-App Purchases: No / Account Required: Yes

Sometimes you have to fiddle with how to get rid of which item. But all in all, it’s a very chilled-out game, with the Zen-like music adding to the relaxation.

One last piece of information: The game is actually completely free, but the developers—two brothers from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv—are happy about donations. At the same time, they refer to the war and explain that the support of the Ukrainian government is also understood as a donation. So, should you enjoy the game, feel free to do the brothers a favor.

Emergency (Android/iOS)

Who of you didn’t dream as a little boy of becoming a firefighter, police officer, or even a paramedic one day? All hands down again—with Emergency, you now get the opportunity. The game was even nominated for the German Computer Game Award. But don’t worry, it is also available in English, French, Spanish, and Polish.

EMERGENCY screenshots
EMERGENCY is available in five different languages! / © Promotion Software GmbH | nextpit

Price: Free / Ads: No / In-app purchases: yes 99 cents 3 levels / Account required: yes

You’re practically the incident commander for a wide variety of disaster scenarios. Things like a train crash, a plane crash, a hostage situation, or a meteorite impact. Just completely everyday things that happen. In a zoomable HD world you coordinate firefighters, paramedics, rescue vehicles, fire engines, and rescue helicopters.

EMERGENCY screenshots
There is always a lot to do in the world of emergency services! / © Promotion Software GmbH | nextpit

Save as many lives as possible in 14 dangerous situations. If you now think I’ve played through this in one go, you’re wrong—because the levels can be repeated as often as you like and past mistakes can be corrected. Try to get the maximum number of points for each location. Those who have played the whole thing to perfection can buy three new campaigns/levels in addition for 99 cents. Currently, there is even an Oktoberfest package for 7.99 euros to buy.

EMERGENCY screenshots
Just because a campaign has been completed successfully, it was not perfect until now! / © Promotion Software GmbH | nextpit

Monster Hunter Now (Android & iOS)

Niantic, the clever minds behind the extremely successful Pokémon Go, released a new AR game of another well-known franchise a few days ago. This is Monster Hunter Now, in which you don’t catch the monsters, but rather give them a good whack on the head. The objective of the game is to increase your hunting rank collect materials to improve your equipment and hunt bigger and bigger enemies.

The controls are also explained quite quickly in Monster Hunter Now. The game’s map is based on your surroundings, and while you go for a walk, for example, so does your in-game model. In the process, you’ll find various resource deposits that resemble Pokéstops, as well as various enemies to defeat. All you have to do is tap on them and you can defeat them with simple tapping gestures. A swipe gesture will make your character dodge.

Monster Hunter Now screenshots
The user interface of Monster Hunter Now is very reminiscent of another game from Niantic. / © nextpit

Price: Free / Ads: No / In-app purchases: Yes / Account required: Yes

As in Pokémon Go, there is an in-game store here where you can buy various items for real money. However, these are only there to make playing a little easier for you. For example, you can buy color balls or potions that will help you get up and running faster, but the store doesn’t offer any real advantages. Besides, you can also find the items in the deposits or get a free item in the store every day.

Monster Hunter Now screenshots
No matter if big or small – in Monster Hunter Now you have to defeat them all. / © nextpit

This is the end of our top 5 list for this week. We hope you like one or the other title and give it a try yourself. Are you missing apps in our lists or do you have games that we should definitely try out? Then post them in the comments.

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