Unannounced Capcom Game Slated For Before March 24

Capcom has at least one more trick up its sleeve, with a “major” unannounced game on the horizon before the end of this fiscal year. Speculations point to either a new Resident Evil or Monster Hunter.

During a Japanese Q&A (via VGC), it has plans for an unannounced game to be released before March 24, which would mark the end of the current fiscal year. As the game is slated to release ahead of March, it’s likely this game is already well into development and could appear during this year’s The Game Awards in December.

Recently, Capcom has been on an upswing with banger after banger. Most recently, it hit gold with Street Fighter 6, marking itself as the best-selling game for the studio in a six-month period. It’s even on track to have 11 years of income growth after a fruitful first half of the fiscal year.

What do you think? Does Capcom have what it takes to keep pushing out great games to push its growth income for 11 years? Let us know below!

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