VC Mic not working, …please :(

VC Mic not working, ...please :(

I have an official Xbox headset (the one in the picture) that has always worked fine. Some weeks ago the 3.5 mm jack snapped in half and I soldered a cheap but effective replacement I found on Amazon. It had no repercussions and both the stereo audio and the microphone have been working well on any device I have been using it, EXCEPT for my Xbox One X. I can hear every game's audio and I can hear everyone that chats with me either on Xbox's Discord, or in a party or in the in-game voicechat, but no matter what I do i can't get my microphone to work in any way on the Xbox. I have already scavenged the internet for help and have tried EVERY solution (believe me, everything). I can't make sense of this situation, like I said, the headset works as intended on every other device.

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