Ventana Micro Systems Unveils Second Generation Veyron Family RISC-V Processor, Paving the Way for Data Center-Class Performance

Ventana Micro Systems Inc. has introduced the latest iteration of its Veyron family of RISC-V processors, positioning itself as a pioneer with the world’s first data centre-class RISC-V processor. The newly unveiled processor, known as Veyron V2, is available in both chiplet and IP configurations and represents a significant leap forward in high-performance RISC-V CPUs.

Balaji Baktha, Founder and CEO of Ventana, emphasized the processor’s groundbreaking features, stating, “This signifies a significant advancement in our relentless pursuit to lead the industry in high-performance RISC-V CPUs. The V2 processor underscores our commitment to customer-driven innovation, workload acceleration, and optimizing overall performance for industry-leading efficiency in terms of performance per Watt per dollar.”

Key Highlights of the Veyron V2 Processor:

1. Substantial Performance and Efficiency Boost:

Up to 40% performance improvement was achieved through enhancements in microarchitecture, advanced processor fabric architecture, improved cache hierarchy, and a high-performance vector processor.

2. Ecosystem Advancement with RISE:

Introduction of RISE, a new ecosystem initiative enhancing support for V2, facilitating the rapid deployment of open, scalable, and versatile solutions.

3. Streamlined Development and Cost-Efficiency:

Utilization of the industry-leading UCIe chiplet interconnects for chiplet-based solutions, offering cost-effective unit economics, accelerating time to market, and reducing development expenses by up to 75%.

4. Specialized Workload Acceleration:

Integration of Domain Specific Accelerator technology designed to enhance the efficiency of workloads across data centre infrastructure, fostering customer-driven innovation and distinctiveness.

Technical Specifications of Veyron V2 Processor:

Fifteen comprehensive out-of-order pipelines.
Clock speed of 3.6GHz and cutting-edge 4nm process technology.
32 cores per cluster, with multi-cluster scalability extending to an impressive 192 cores.
128MB of shared L3 cache per cluster and a 512b vector unit for handling intensive computational tasks.
Ventana AI matrix extensions for advanced AI capabilities.
Server-class IOMMU and Advanced Interrupt Architecture (AIA) system IP for enhanced performance and reliability.
Advanced side-channel attack countermeasures for heightened security.

Reliability and Serviceability:

Comprehensive RAS (Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability) features.
Top-down performance-tuning methodology for optimal performance.

Ventana Micro Systems complements the Veyron V2 Processor with a Software Development Kit (SDK) comprising various validated software building blocks tailored for the RISC-V platform. The Veyron V2 Development Platform is readily available, opening the doors to high-performance computing and AI applications.

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