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WalletConnect 2023 Reviews : Features and Safety

WalletConnect 2023 Reviews : Features and Safety

What is the new and improved WalletConnect Protocol?

Being one of the most popular communications protocol for Web3. WalletConnect is a kind of API that connects your cryptocurrency wallet to decentralized applications (dApps). This allows you to use your crypto assets no matter which wallet you use and which dApp you want to use.

WalletConnect Protocol: Features Compatibility. WalletConnect was designed to integrate multiple networks. No matter if you work with Solana, Ethereum or any other ecosystem, surely WalletConnect is compatible. Multi-chain.

WalletConnect Protocol allows simultaneous connection to different networks. This feature is useful for users and developers

As a user, since WalletConnect, you have more choice in choosing the crypto-currency wallet that’s right for you. Before WalletConnect, you couldn’t always connect every wallet to every dApp.

For developers, it was also difficult: they had to hard-code support for all these wallets. WalletConnect now takes care of this for them.

Is WalletConnect a Safe Protocol?

Even if you want to make the least change on your wallet , WalletConnect does not have the permission to do so . For example if you want to connect your wallet and a decentralized application In this case you should give permission for every transaction you make. Meaning Wallet connect is a safe protocol ? When we say wallet, we’re not just referring only to the WalletConnect browser extension, but also to hardware wallets like Ledger.

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