‎Weird Recommendation of the Day; Roundguard

‎Weird Recommendation of the Day; Roundguard

I ignored this while it was in Arcade. Why did it do that? It was only after playing Peglin that my appetite for slingshot/pachinko/billiards like RPG’s was awakened. And frankly I think I might like this one as much as Peglin, maybe even more depending on my mood.

Fire a little round RPG type into a collection of breakable jars, healing potions and mana vials, along with some other odd boons and bummers to be discovered to clear levels and advance Rogue style through some interesting maps.

Enemies are varied and get progressively more difficult as they lay scattered throughout the board. At the bottom are spikes that will do damage and there is only a rolling cushion to protect your fall. Both enemies and the spikes will grind you down without proper attention.

As the game progresses you will be earning special powers to be used and upgraded along with armor and weapons to offer more help in combat, better healing or earning more booty.

It’s a very professional and good looking game with a simple, charming and satisfying game loop. Break jars. But while it plays out with a basic aim and fire mechanic there is more going on as the game develops and unlike Peglin this offers Meta progression and has a focused RPG feeling that Peglin lacks. While Peglin is about the balls and hopefully creating a solid collection this is more RPG in its approach with leveling up, outfitting gear and focusing builds.

If you enjoyed Peglin you will most likely enjoy this as well.

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