‎Weird Recommendation of the Day; Stumptown

‎Weird Recommendation of the Day; Stumptown

Get jacks. Get wood. Get rich.

So this plays like an RTS meets a Tycoon and has a little colony building thrown in for good measure.

Running a Lumber Company is rough business, from hiring lumberjacks to finding the best wood to even gutting your competitors before buying them out completely.

Action plays out in realtime (watch those months tick away) and controls have you either cutting trees, clearing stumps or building, with some price management. Little jacks will do all the work and even build roads along well used paths on their own. It’s fun to watch them toil. But you’ll also be scouting out more parcels as well as suitable land for building out your business.

Things get hectic later on (there is a full campaign) as multiple towns and competing companies reveal themselves. These other companies will alter the market and drive down prices while different cities will require different levels of investment. Since this a combat free game that only leaves you the option of buying these other companies out, but getting your economy running smoothly (watch that bloat) can be a trick. Slow and steady might work for a while but you better have a plan, because those trees aren’t gonna grow themselves…

Ever find yourself playing an RTS and simply wanting to build your base and not worry about all the troop production and balancing, but instead, just finding the best place for a warehouse or the perfect spot for your rail system? Or maybe you just like being a god and watching your people run themselves ragged at your bidding? Or more simply you are just greedy and like to see that bank account grow?

This odd little gem might be for you?

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