‎Weird Recommendation of the Day; Vermitron

‎Weird Recommendation of the Day; Vermitron

Controls are a little funky but boy, this is a pretty fun little game. Twin stick meets Dungeon of the Endless.

Truck around an ever expanding map to earn coins and blow shit up. Coins buy access to defense towers located throughout the map. Some produce power, some fire bombs or bullets. But all are necessary for when you finally locate your watering can. Once you pick it up buggies appear in mass and bum rush your “flower.” If they kill that game is over. Hopefully you’ve produced enough defense to give you a chance.

Coins can also buy you some other necessities like a map, a teleporter or health boosts. It’s an addictive little shooter with tiny rooms filled with all kinds of colorful stuff to destroy. It’s all quite pleasant and the game loop is easy and fun. But if I I have one complaint, it would be that the movement and shooting controls feel stiff and not as responsive as a twin stick should feel. This is a game that really needs controller support. But despite that I still recommend it, especially if you’re into twin sticks, fun retro arcade action (Robotron is kinda appropriate, I suppose) or the soft management system of buying offensive weapons and upgrades versus defenses

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