Weird Walking Sim Baby Steps Step Foot Onto PS5 Next Year

Maxi Boch, Gabe Cuzzillo, and Bennett Foddy have come together to bring us Baby Steps, a bizarre new walking simulator with that signature “rage-bait” charm seen in other Foddy-associated games like Getting Over It or QWOP. Tack on the dev behind Ape Out and you certainly something. 

Published by Devolver Digital, the game’s been in the public eye since June. We’ve gotten a new gameplay trailer courtesy of the recent State of Play showcasing our Australian slacker protagonist, Nate, crossing across various environments after getting isekaied into another realm, with plenty of dangers lurking around the corner… like steep cliffs. And it just happens Nate can’t walk too well.

We can step into Nate’s proverbial shoes when the game launches sometime in 2024.

What do you think? Will Baby Steps become the newest rage game? Are you gonna play it? Let us know below!

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