What are address poisoning attacks in crypto and how to avoid them? By Cointelegraph

Address poisoning attacks are malicious tactics used by attackers who can reroute traffic, interrupt services, or obtain unauthorized access to sensitive data by inserting bogus data or changing routing tables. The integrity of data and network security are seriously threatened by these assaults, which take advantage of flaws in network protocols.

This article will explain what address poisoning attacks are, their types and consequences, and how to protect oneself against such attacks.




Phishing attacks

Transaction interception

Address reuse exploitation

Sybil attacks

Fake QR codes or payment addresses

Address spoofing

Smart contract vulnerabilities

Use fresh addresses

Utilize hardware wallets

Exercise caution when disclosing public addresses

Choose reputable wallets

Regular updates

Implement whitelisting

Consider multisig wallets

Utilize blockchain analysis tools

Report suspected attacks

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