Where is Denebola I-b in Starfield? Location guide

As you explore the rich and varied world of Starfield, you will come across a wealth of new planets and star systems to discover. Each one offers exciting missions and varied NPCs to talk to. Some of these new planets and systems will even award you new gear and ships. Denebola I-b in Starfield is one of these; however, finding it is a struggle.

Where is Denebola I-b in Starfield?

You will find the Denebola I-b planet in the Denebola star system. This is located just below Kyrx on the left and to the bottom right of Cheyenne. You will have to do some pretty distant jumps to get there if you haven’t located anywhere around it, but it is well worth your time to pursue it.

Where is Denebola I-b in Starfield? Location guide

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The Denebola i-b planet system contains a Starfield mission that will set you up for a long time in the game with some of the best gear and a sparkly new ship.

Why would you want to get to Denebola?

You may find the tablet labeled Secret Base! while shooting your way through the many Spacers in Starfield. This leads you to a hidden outpost located all the way on a planet called Denebola I-b. This planet is listed as being a level 30 zone, so it can be a little daunting.

However, before you even make it to the Denebola I-b in Starfield, you first need to be able actually to find the damn system it is located in. The game doesn’t really let on where it is, and depending on how far you are through the game, it could easily be swamped by other systems.

Once you have found Denebola I-b in Starfield, you can start on the mission for the Razorleaf ship and the Mantis gear. These are easily some of the best early and mid-game gear and ship to get your hands on. The mission is a tough one if you are not prepared. However, our guide on the Mantis mission will help you through it.


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