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Starfield has become one of the most-played games on Steam is the most critical Xbox-exclusive game in a long while. This title is now considered one of Bethesda’s most popular projects outside of the Elder Scrolls franchise. Unfortunately, the game has received a lot of hate for various reasons that players might find ridiculous. 

Haters’ Reason for Not Liking Starfield

While the game may not be perfect by any means, the recent hate and threats of review-bombing have made many fans question whether they should get Starfield. Here are the various reasons why people started hating on Starfield:

It’s Buggy Because It’s A Bethesda Game

While Bethesda has been known to release some of the best games in the industry, the studio’s also notorious for pumping out unfinished projects. Some of the company’s games, like Fallout 76, are riddled with myriads of glitches. However, these issues have yet to stop them from garnering a considerable player base. 

Despite being a new game, Starfield is already being treated by many as another “buggy” Bethesda game. Some glitches have been discovered, but they are not so game-breaking that players can no longer play the game properly.

One strong point of Bethesda games is that they are moddable. This feature is carried over to Starfield so players can install and integrate many mods into their gameplay. These modifications can fix these bugs or improve the gameplay even further. 

It’s An Xbox-Exclusive Game

One of the main gripes players have about Starfield is that it’s released exclusively for Xbox. There has been a long ongoing feud between PS and Xbox players on which console is the better. Playstation has been getting many exclusive games that have been very popular in recent years, while the latter has yet to get any high-quality titles. The release of Starfield as an Xbox-exclusive game has many PS fans going salty over this fact.

Many people who hate Starfield are PS4 gamers unhappy that the game is exclusive to Xbox. This bars PlayStation fans from the game because they cannot play it without buying a new device or console. The game is available to more than just Xbox devices because PC players can access it.

The hate over Starfield being an Xbox exclusive feels unfair because PlayStation has also been getting a lot of exclusive titles over the years. For PS gamers to pour contempt over one game they can’t play might seem absurd to many people, and rightly so. Xbox fans have been in deep discussions on why the other side just can’t let them have this “win.” People have started believing that if the game were released on PS5, then the hate would undoubtedly be the bare minimum. 

Fans Are Hating the Game Over the Smallest Things

There haven’t been many reports of game-breaking bugs or exploits, while some have already been reported that affect game performance. However, some players have been complaining over the most minor things that might not be that crucial. Certain groups have shown their displeasure over the fact that they cannot fly to the sun, making them comment on how unrealistic this was. This comment addresses a small aspect of the game that needs to be more significant to provide details about Starfield’s value. 

Joining the Bandwagon

With all the negativity stirring up for Starfield, some people who haven’t tried or are not even interested in the game have joined the bandwagon to hate it. The hate has gone so bad that people dislike the Bethesda game for just about any reason. Some of these are even unrelated to Starfield.

One person who despised the game stated their dislike of Starfield due to poor graphics while citing a real-life picture of Mars. Many people started roasting the said commenter, who was identified as a PS fanboy, with some pointing out how uninformed and unbiased the cause of these haters’ dislike of the game was. These types of nonsensical trolling do nothing to help improve the game or give credibility to the side that hates Starfield. 

Starfield is Thriving Despite the Hate

Despite the threats of review-bombing or widespread hate, Starfield’s still getting much traction and has become one of the most popular Steam games in 2023 so far. While it has not overtaken Baldur’s Gate 3, the game has made its breakthrough by reaching more than 250k concurrent Steam players. The number of active users could be significantly higher because the charts do not display the statistics about Xbox gamers.

Starfield is Bethesda’s title that has deviated from the Elder Scrolls universe. The studio has focused on ES games for the past two decades, so having a new title outside this franchise is a treat for fans. As more improvements and mods are released for the game, Starfield might see a similar success to Skyrim.

Will Starfield Come to PS5?

Sadly, for PlayStation fans, it is unlikely that Starfield will ever become available to them. Bethesda has expressed its stand and wants the game to remain exclusive to Xbox and PC. Doing so allows devs to test, update, and diagnose the game more efficiently by channeling their workforce on one device instead of being divided into two teams for PS5 and Xbox. 

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