XDefiant release delayed indefinitely due to “inconsistencies”

XDefiant is an upcoming free-to-play arena shooter developed and published by Ubisoft that has piqued the interest of FPS fans globally. It features quick online matches, faction-based gameplay, and a multitude of maps and modes to choose from. Following the game’s recent test session open to the public, Ubisoft has shared a post explaining that the soon-to-come planned preseason launch has been indefinitely delayed due to newly discovered issues.

Ubisoft starts its message regarding the XDefiant delay by thanking everyone who participated in the FPS game‘s public test session, saying that it showed players’ “appreciation” for the “fast-paced gunplay, uniquely crafted maps, objective-driven modes, and iconic Faction roster.” While the studio is grateful for the PTS participants, the session “also surfaced some inconsistencies in the game experience that we need to address prior to launching our preseason.”

Ubisoft's post declaring the XDefiant release delay

Due to these inconsistencies, Ubisoft has “made the hard decision to delay the preseason of XDefiant.” Unfortunately, the developer has not yet revealed a new XDefiant release date for its preseason. “The team will continue working to address these issues” for now by personally testing them and “will share more information about preseason and testing as it comes.”

Ubisoft initially planned a summer release for the shooter’s preseason phase, writing on its website, “We are planning to launch XDefiant later this summer after our open session.” The recent session itself took place just in September and the preseason phase is meant to be XDefiant’s introductory stage as a game. It will be six weeks long, featuring the factions and maps found within the game’s “insider sessions and closed beta.”

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Following the preseason launch, Ubisoft says that fans can expect in-game changes every three months. These regular updates include “new weapons, maps, events, and a new faction.” Considering the developer’s mention of possible player testing in its delay reveal, it’s possible that XDefiant may receive yet another public session following any changes or fixes before the preseason and later content come.

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