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You Can Now Spend $7 in Final Fantasy XIV for the “Eat Pizza” Emote that Was Originally Free

Once upon a time, an emote that let Final Fantasy XIV characters eat pizza was provided at no additional cost as part of a promotion. Today, you can buy it.

The year is 2021, and fans are preparing to enjoy The Game Awards. Yet, Square Enix had something special in store in the form of a collaboration with the delivery service Grubhub. 

By ordering food with the service, fans could get the emote that allowed their characters to eat a scrumptious slice topped with pepperoni with a delighted expression on their face. The problem? The promotion was available only in North America and only to players with a North American account.

The Pepperoni Pizza Set in Final Fantasy XIV

The promotion, and the free emote coming with it, were then extended to Japan thanks to a similar collaboration with the Japanese delivery service Damae-Kan in September 2022. Unfortunately, European fans were left out once again. 

Today, players are finally allowed to purchase the emote on the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. Of course, there’s a catch. It’s priced at $7 or €4.90 depending on where you live. You can see what it looks like below.

The price places this emote among the priciest tier for paid emotes, of which there are many, including one that lets your character enjoy a cup of tea or one that lets them cheer with glowsticks.

On top of the emote, you can also purchase a Pepperoni Pizza set for your in-game house, including five functional pizzas that will grant you food items with their own meal effects. This one costs “only” $5.00 or €3.50.

These are just the latest items added to the cash shop for the popular Final Fantasy MMORPG, which also requires players to pay a monthly fee for access beyond the free trial, recently expanded to level 70 and the Stormblood expansion.

Other items for sale are mounts, costumes, minions, tomes that let characters progress instantly to level 80 or skip parts of the main story, and more. 

If you’re not familiar with Final Fantasy XIV, it’s currently available for PS5, PS4, PC, and Mac, while a brand new Xbox Series X|S version coming next year with an open beta starting in January.

Next summer, the game will receive the brand new Dawntrail expansion, which will include a new dual-wielding job named “Viper” which you can read all about in our dedicated article from the Fan Festival in London hosted last month.

More details will arrive in January with the Fan Festival in Tokyo, which TechRaptor will attend. Of course, you can expect a full report when the time comes. 

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