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11 Must-Play Games on Xbox Game Pass (October 2023)

Xbox Game Pass is a solid deal for anyone who likes to try new games and bounce around between titles. A subscription to Game Pass Ultimate costs $17 a month for access to online multiplayer and a regularly refreshed library of over 100 games.

Just on console and not interested in online multiplayers games? Microsoft offers a cheaper tier that costs $11 a month. Ditched your console? There’s a PC-only plan for $10. (PlayStation and Switch gamers should check out our guide to the top subscription services for those platforms.)

The newest tier is called Game Pass Core, and it costs $10 a month. Game Pass Core is a rebranding of Xbox Live Gold that introduces a smaller version of the Game Pass Ultimate library.

I sifted through the Game Pass catalog and curated a few outstanding titles to help you decide which ones to download first. (It’s a bit overwhelming!) From odd indies to blockbuster experiences, these genre-spanning picks likely have something that’s perfect for your style of play.

Searching for even more great game recommendations? Discover worthwhile games with our picks for the best Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S titles.

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