120W laser diode for lidar


Rohm 120W laser

Called RLD90QZW8, “original technology allows Rohm to reduce the temperature dependence of the laser wavelength to just Δ11.6nm – 0.10nm/°C”, said the company. “This makes it possible to narrow the bandpass filter while extending the detection range.”

120W is at 38A where the diode drops 13V (50ns pulses, 0.05% duty).

97% light intensity uniformity is claimed over its 270 x 10µm emission aperture.

The base of the metal top hat package is 5.6mm in diameter (see images).

Rohm 120W laser eval

An evaluation module is available that pairs the laser with a 150V GaN hemt and gate drivers.

“Rohm has acquired certification under the IATF 16949 automotive quality management standard for both front-end and back-end processes at its manufacturing facilities,” added the company. “As a result, product development of laser diodes for AEC-Q102 compliant automotive applications is underway, with commercialisation planned by the end of 2024.”

Use is foreseen in robot vacuum cleaners, laser rangefinders, automated guided vehicles, service robots and 3D monitoring systems

Find the LD90QZW8 product page here.

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