505 Games Parent Slashes 30% Of Staff Over “Organizational Review”

Digital Bros., the parent company behind publisher 505 Games, alongside a myriad of development studios, has laid off about 30% of its workforce. The company has called it part of an “organizational review.” Of course, this follows tons of studios nixing staff left and right ranging from Naughty Dog and Bungie to Team17 and Crystal Dynamics, but of course, there are plenty more.

A recent press release (thanks, Eurogamer) revealed the workforce drop, while also assuring investors that this shakeup isn’t expected to cause any significant damage through the next year. Its new strategy is to effectively bring back what worked and be more selective on new, big budget game projects.

Sounds like Digital Bros. will also be looking at in-development projects, which could spell bad news for those working on new IPs.

What do you think? Does this shift toward sequels and new versions of established games interest you? Let us know below!

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