Another Crab’s Treasure Sells 100K Units In Four Days

Codspeed, Aggro Crab.

Developer Aggro Crab’s newest title, Another Crab’s Treasure, released April 25, selling 100,000 copies in four days across several platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox series X/S. In just the first 24 hours it sold 30,000 copies, the majority courtesy of Steam.

This is the developer’s most successful title to date, and they expressed their gratitude through a post on X.

Aggro Crab is continuously fixing bugs and staying active on social media, encouraging players to spread the word about Crab’s. “If you liked the game drop us a review!” it declared.

Our review of Another Crab’s Treasure will be up soon! Let us know your opinions as well!

Source: Aggro Crab Games X Account

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