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Anyone played Cambria yet? (on Base)

Anyone played Cambria yet? (on Base)

So there's this new duel-type (runescape?) game called "Cambria", on Base. People been dueling eachother and it seems mostly luck based, kinda like rock, paper, scissors. I'm not sure if there's an edge to it.

I have been playing a few duels with friends for 0.001 eth. And honestly it's quite fun after a while. By now it seems to have gotten a little bit more attention, and I've seen people dueling for almost 3 eth.

They have confirmed and upcoming airdrop and updates to the game. Curious to see how this will play out tbh.

If anyone wants to try, this is their official Twitter: It's currently still in beta but you can access it with invite code: melo

What do you guys think about these type of blockchain games? Gamble and trend, or long-term valuable?

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