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You may have clicked on this guide prior to spinning for one of the Attack On Titan Revolution families – good idea! Now, when you spin, you’ll know which families do what.

See which family you get with some spins and launch the game via the official Roblox page! Have a read of our Attack On Titan Revolution Perks Tier List, which may come in handy if you manage to roll a family that gets an extra perk slot.

Attack On Titan Revolution Families

Let’s take a look at every family that you can potentially become a member of! The Legendary families come with the most amount of buffs and abilities, whereas the Common families come with nothing. Epic families are a great alternative to Legendaries, and the Rare ones are pretty decent overall!

Basically, you want anything but a Common. To know which families are the best in-game, take a look at our Attack On Titan Revolution Family Tier List!

Legendary Families

All players have a 0.05% chance of becoming a member of a Legendary family.


You guessed it! This family is based on Levi from the series.

All Ackerman members get an additional slot for a Offense PerksAckerman members cannot Titan ShiftUnlock a double jumpDash gets a +1 boostDMG +20%Crit DMG +15%Crit Chance +15%ODM Gas +10%ODC Control +10%ODM Range +10%Extra Ability: Rage ModeYou get a bar that fills up as you deal damage and defeat TitansRage mode boosts your ODM stats by 20% Skill 1: Let it RIPSpin quickly for 6 seconds to deal damage to everything around you Skill 2: Swift StrikesChain Titans together to defeat them


Based on the Yeager family, particularly Eren Yeager!

All Yeager members get an additional slot for Defense PerksCrit Chance +15%Attack Titan +20%Titan Shifting cooldown is now 10% shorterPassive: Invigorate Skill 1: Boosted RegenYou can replenish your HP completelyReplenishes 50% of your gas canister Skill 2: BerserkBerserk scales off of your masteryReplenishes HP and increasing your damage by 25%However, your character cannot move for 10 seconds after activating Berserk Skill 3: Shifter RegenYou can replenish 55 HP and dismiss 2 obtained injuriesThis skill has a cooldown of 100 seconds


Historia’s family!

All Reiss members get an additional slot for Support PerksAll Titan stats +10%Party member EXP +5%Your EXP +10%Upgrades are 10% cheaperSkill 1: ConquerStun Pure Titans for a total of 5 seconds Skill 2: CommandCommand 10 Pure Titans and order them to attack enemies Skill 3: AriseYou can shift whenever, even if your Titan Shift bar is empty

Epic Families

Families under this rarity have a 0.35% chance of dropping.


Titan Shift lasts 10% longerGold +10%Warhammer Titan +10%Skill: Shifter RegenReplenish 50 HP and all injuries


Cannot Titan ShiftODM Control +10%ODM Speed +10%Upgrades are 5% cheaperSkill: Last StandA cutscene plays that is followed by 30% of your max HP replenishingAll injuries are dismissed and your DMG is increased by 20%, as well as your DMG taken reduced by 60% (this lasts 30 seconds!)Despite all of this, if you end up gaining an injury during these 30 seconds, your character dies


Can Titan ShiftTitan Attack Speed +10%Crit DMG +10%Jaw Titan +10%Skill: Shifter RegenReplenishes 50 HP and all injuries


Cart Tian +10%Titan Shifting lasts 5% longerODM Gas +10%Skill: Shifter RegenReplenishes 50 HP and all injuries


Titan Run Speed +10%DMG +10%Female Titan +10%Skill: Shifter RegenReplenishes 50 HP and all injuries


Crit Chance +10%Colossal Titan +10%Colossal Titan AoE attacks +20%Skill: Shifter RegenReplenishes 50 HP and all injuries


Max HP +10%You take 10% less DMG as a TitanArmoured Titan +10%Skill: Shifter RegenReplenishes 50 HP and all injuries


Beast Titan +10%Titan DMG +10%ODM Range +10%Skill: Shifter RegenReplenishes 50 HP and all injuries

Rare Families

Other than the Common families, Rare families can also drop fairly regularly with a 19.6% chance.


Crit Chance -5%Crit DMG +5%HP +5%


Gold +2.5% (for every teammate)EXP +2.5% (for every teammate)DMG -5%




ODM Control +5%DMG +5%Titan Stats -5%


Attack Titan +5%Crit Chance -5%


Max HP – 5%Skill: PotatoReplenish 30% of your HP by eating a potato

Common Families


Unique Families


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