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Whether you have the rarest Attack on Titan Revolution Perks, or the most common, you might as well equip them! Perks boost your ODM gear, your overall stats, and your party buffs.

To find out more about the AOT game, visit the official Roblox page! Some of the perks below boost your ODM gear, so make sure to check out our Attack on Titan Revolution ODM Gear guide to learn more about the stats and upgrades.

Attack On Titan Revolution Perks

There are 4 different types of perks: Core, Offense, Defense, and Support. Under each type, there are various perks to equip, all of certain rarities.

Core Perks

There is only one slot for Core Perks, with no way to unlock an additional one – at least not yet.


IndefatigableYou can shift 3 timesShift bar replenishes 15-25% faster now Tyrant’s Stare25-40% Crit Chance converts to DMGCrit Chance can go no higher than 10%15-25% of Crit DMG converts to DMG Wind RhapsodyCrit Chance +2xCrit DMG -2x Perfect SoulODM stats increase by 7.5-10% Flame RhapsodyCrit DMG +2xCrit Chance can go no higher than 5% Perfect FormWhen your speed is higher than 50-70%, your DMG is increased by 7.5-10%


SoloODM stats get a 5-7.5% boost ResilientYou can now Shift twiceShfit bar replenishes 5-10% faster


Critical HunterCrit Chance +5-10%Durability +7.5-15%


Enhanced MetabolismYour HP replenishes 2-3% every 5 seconds

Support Perks

You can unlock additional slots for Support Perks by upgrading the Support Skill Tree. If you’re part of the Reiss family, you automatically gain an additional slot!


Courage CatalystSkill cooldowns for your team are lowered by 1 when you defeat a TitanODM Control for your team is buffed by 7.5-10% for a duration between 5 to 10 seconds Sixth SenseThe outlines of Titans appear on your mapODM Range +7.5-10% Peerless CommanderAcoustic Flares will lead to a Titan dropping a player 100% of the timeTeam members regenerate HP 2.5-5% faster for a total of 15-25 seconds ExhumationGas regenerates by 4-6% upon a Titan kill Gear MasterODM Speed +10-15%ODM Control +15-20%


SiphoningGas regenerates by 2-3% upon a Titan kill Gear ExpertODM Speed +5-10%ODM Control +10-15% Trauma BatteryThe HP of your team members regenerates by 20-30% of their max HP stat when you’ve been healed AdrenalineThere is a 5-10% chance to replenish your HP by 12-20% when you defeat a Titan


Fully Stocked Gear IntermediateODM Speed +2.5-5%ODM Control +5-10% Experimental ShellsAcoustic Flares and Acoustic Shells get a 25-50% buff to AoE attacks


Extra Bandage ODM Gear Beginner

Offense Perks

Upgrading the Offense skill tree rewards you with an extra perk slot. However, if you’re an Ackerman, you gain an extra slot automatically.


Unparalleled Strength Sanctified Eviscerate CarnifexYour blades can now strike 4 different areas of a Titan’s body Peerless FocusBlade Crit Chance +7.5-10%Blade Crit DMG +20-30%


Flawed ReleaseCrit DMG reduced by 25-30%Crit Chance +10-20% Reckless AbandonCrit Chance reduced by 7.5-10%Crit DMG +20-30% FocusBlade Crit Chance +3-5%Blade Crit DMG +10-15% ButcherYour blades can now strike 2 different areas of a Titan’s body Luminous Peerless Strength Mutilate SpeedySpeed while swinging +10-15%


Mangle LightweightSpeed while swinging +5-10% Forceful Blessed


Cripple Mighty HollowSpeed while swinging +2.5-5% Lucky

Defense Perks

If you want an additional Defense Perk slot, you need to upgrade the Defense skill tree. If you’re a member of the Yeager family, you instantly obtain an extra perk slot for Defense!


Robust Font of Vitality Peerless ConsitutionYour likelihood of getting injured is reduced by 15-25%DMG Reduction +15-20% Invincible4 of your injuries can be dismissed AegisYour likelihood of getting injured is reduced by 25-40%


SafeguardThe likelihood of getting injured is reduced by 12-16% Hardy Stalwart Durability Unbreakable3 of your injuries can be dismissed


ProtectionThe likelihood of getting injured is reduced by 5-10% Tough Heightened Vitality Unyielding2 of your injuries can be dismissed


Fortitude Enduring1 injury inflicted upon you can be dismissed


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