Aussie Bargain Roundup: Super Mario RPG


It’s been on the wishlist for years, and now it’s finally happening. Super Mario RPG is being remade and it’s out this November.

The game is getting updated graphics, a brand new optional soundtrack, changes to the battle system, an optional difficulty setting and more. Not that we know really how it was the first time, because never got this in Australia on the Super Nintendo.

So far on the bargain front we’ve got the classic $10 off, no preorder bonuses just yet.

Super Mario RPG is out on Friday, November 17th.

Super Mario RPG – $69 – Link

Big W 

Super Mario RPG – $69 – Link

EB Games

Super Mario RPG – $79.95– Link


Super Mario RPG – $79.95 – Link

The Gamesmen

Super Mario RPG – $68 – Link

JB Hi-Fi

Super Mario RPG – $69 – Link


Super Mario RPG – $69 – Link

My Nintendo Store 

Super Mario RPG – $79.95 – Link

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