Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster Updated On Switch, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

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Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster have been out for a few months now and Bandai Namco is still showing support with regular updates.

As highlighted by Perfectly-Nintendo, this new update comes with some stability and usability improvements for both games. Here’s the full rundown for Version 1.0.3 from the official game website:

Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster – Version 1.0.3 (November 14th, 2023)

Improves stability and usability. Fixed the following bugs:

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

“Issue causing the inventory status of items in the shops to carry over to other save date files; In “Anuenue Port”, the ladder becomes unusable while controlling Xelha; Kalas’ special effects are not displayed properly; Other minor isues.”

Baten Kaitos Origins

“In the Holoholo Jungle, during the boss battle against the Holoholobird, players are unable to progress if the battle lasts more than a certain amount of time; Other minor isues.”

The previous update (Version 1.0.2), released on 25th September, also included some fixes and stability improvements. Here they are:

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

“Fixes an issue causing the game to freeze. After placing the cursor on any Magnus on the Build Deck screen and selecting “Drop”, the game would freeze if you moved the R stick left or right while cancelling using “Cancell All” or “Select or Drop” options. Minor bug fixes.”

Baten Kaitos Origins

“Fixed the following issue: when battle speed to set to 200% or 300%, when the enemy uses its Skill “Poison Breath”, the turn would not move on to the next character, therefore preventing progress. Minor bug fixes.”

Have you tried out these games on the Switch yet? How about this latest patch? Tell us in the comments.

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