Best companions in Starfield, ranked

In Starfield, you can only have one active companion at a time so you have to ask yourself who the best companion is. While you can assign crew members to your ship and outposts, only one lucky companion will get to travel alongside you, the main character. To help you decide, here are the best companions in Starfield and why you should pick one over another.

Note: As you learn what companions are best to take through Starfield, you might want to learn how long the campaign is.

Who is the best companion in Starfield?

Andreja – Stealth Sam Coe – Rifle expert Sarah Morgan – Lasers Vasco – Introvert Adoring Fan – Carrying capacity Barrett – Annoying

Though I won’t make a tier list of all the Starfield companions since it comes down to playstyle and personal preference, all five main companions are good. From the main cast, the companions you can have are Sam Coe, Barrett, Sarah Morgan, Andreja, and Vasco. Besides those five, you can recruit random companions that can be specialized in a specific way.

Barrett is the worst companion in Starfield, and it’s not just because he’s annoying. Barrett literally has zero skills that help you as a companion. He doesn’t have any Combat and (surprisingly) no Social skills. All of his skills make him an excellent crew member on your ship, but that’s about it.

My favorite companion in Starfield is Andreja because I find her pleasant to be around, she doesn’t dislike when I do most “evil” things, and she’s incredible at Stealth which is usually how I like to play. She literally turns invisible when crouching, so if you want a stealthy companion, there is no better option than Andreja.

Sam Coe and Sarah Morgan are tied for being some of the best companions in Starfield. Sam Coe is good because he has three points in the Rifle Certification skill which makes him an excellent ranged fighter. It really just comes down to who you like more, because Sam Coe and Sarah Morgan are very similar.

Sarah Morgan is a good companion in Starfield because she’s great in combat since she has three points in Lasers. Make sure to equip her with an Energy weapon. I don’t think Sarah Morgan is necessary to assign to your ship (unless you really like seeing her) because Astrodynamics is one of the worst tier-one skills in the game.

Starfield Vasco

Screenshot: PC Invasion

I love Vasco because I genuinely think he’s funny and most importantly not annoying. He’s fairly competent in combat and Vasco is the only companion you can have that doesn’t hurt you if you have the Introvert Trait because the description of the Introvert Trait specifies “human companions” and Vasco is a robot. His biggest downside is he’s a bit bulky and the fact that every single one of his skills works to benefit you when he’s assigned to the ship.

If you have the Adoring Fan Trait, your Adoring Fan makes for a decent companion. He’s definitely not the best, but if you’re looking for someone to carry all of your stuff, Adoring Fan is more than willing, especially since he has two points in Weight Lifting.

Aside from those main characters, you can learn how to recruit more crew members, all of which you can have as active companions. When you meet potential new companions, you can see what skills they have right before you recruit them, so use that to your advantage. That said, I recommend using one of the main characters as a companion because they sometimes give special dialogue options and are often better than anybody you can recruit.

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