Best Fortnite trackers and how to use them

Trackers are a great tool you can use to measure your skills in Fortnite. If you’ve never used one before, let me show you the best Fortnite Trackers, what they are, and how to use them.

What is a Fortnite Tracker?

Fortnite Trackers allow you to deep-dive into your gameplay stats. You can usually access this information through an app. There are also plenty of websites you can use without downloading anything. Trackers can show you your K/D ratio, Win/Loss rate, and even match-specific information.

Most of these services also show your ranking versus the rest of the world so you can see if you’re as good as you think you are.

How to use a Fortnite Tracker

There are several Fortnite Trackers that all function a little differently. I’ve used the website for years, so I’ll explain how it works and what all the numbers mean. I’ll recommend a couple of different Trackers later on in this guide, and they function pretty similarly.

Tracker 1

When you load up the website for the first time, you’ll find yourself on the page above. Type your Epic Username, Gamertag, or PSN into the search bar, and your profile should appear. 

You can type in either account name if you’re like me and play on multiple platforms. I play on PlayStation and PC, and when I type in my PSN, it automatically brings up my details under my Epic ID.

Once you’ve found your profile, you’ll be shown an overwhelming page of percentages and abbreviations. If this is your first time looking at gameplay stats, let me show you how to use this information.

The numbers, Brite Bomber, what do they mean?

Best Fortnite trackers and how to use them
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I’m putting my skills up for scrutiny here, but you can see my stats in the picture above. The large numbers show each of my stats, and you can see how I compare to the rest of the community in the smaller numbers below.

For example, my overall Win Percentage is 7.6%, which puts me in the Top 18% of players overall. You can also see that those values have been much lower recently, which may mean I’m playing worse or running into stronger opponents. It could also mean I’m not using items to their fullest,

Here’s what every stat on the page means:

Fortnite Stats Explained

Win Percentage: The percentage of games where you claim the Victory Royale.  Wins: This shows how many wins you have in total across every game mode. Don’t focus on this value too much, as you can inflate it by simply playing more. K/D: This stands for “Kill to Death” ratio and shows how many kills you score per death. For example, my K/D Ratio is 2.41, meaning I roughly kill 2.41 players before I die each match. Kills: The Kills stat shows you how many Kills you have in total. As with wins, this stat is more of an indicator of how long you’ve played. K/D is a far better metric for combat prowess. Top#: The Top stat shows how often you’ve reached milestones in the lobby. For example, you survived into the remaining top 3, 5, or 10 teams.

Using my stats as a guinea pig, you can see that my K/D and Win % are above average. If your stats show a much higher K/D than Win %, it usually means you’re an aggressive player who recklessly pursues fights. There’s no “correct” way to play, but the Tracker provides handy insights. 

You can use this information to pinpoint slumps in your performance, which may mean you should prioritize different items and strategies. For example, in Chapter 5, Season 3, modded vehicles reign supreme and are essential for scoring wins.

What are the best Trackers in Fortnite?

There are several Trackers available online. I’ve used a few, but I definitely have favorites, so here’s what I recommend:

I’m pretty biased because I’ve used FortniteTracker for so many years. The site has never let me down, and I find the layout simple and intuitive. I don’t like installing Apps unless necessary, and I don’t have to do it with FortniteTracker either. 

If you play multiple competitive games, the site also has ranking boards for other titles like Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Siege, and Valorant. This website does it all, and while your mileage may vary, I’ve never had any issues.

Best Fortnite trackers and how to use them
Screenshot: PC Invasion offers decent Ranked Stats, and you can even download your information on a stylish card. My stats are pretty barren, as I don’t play Ranked, but it’s a fantastic addition if you play the mode. There’s also a fantastic interactive map that shows everything from Named Locations to Launch Pad spawns.

This website also tracks other interesting statistics, such as when specific cosmetics last arrived in the store and what items players are excited about.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

I don’t use much myself, but it’s a decent alternative to You can find similar information, and the layout is simple and intuitive. 

You can also browse some impressively in-depth weapon stats on the website. If you want to take Fortnite seriously, this is the sort of intel that will take your gameplay to the next level. You don’t need to memorize everything here, but damage values can help you choose the best weapons for your play style.

Do I need to pay to use Fortnite Trackers?

Most Fortnite Trackers offer a Premium subscription, which comes with several perks. Premium services are optional, and you can browse everything I’ve mentioned above without spending money.

If you use the service regularly, you may want to show your support by paying but don’t feel it’s essential. Premium subscriptions typically remove ads and offer customizations, which you may find helpful if you’re a Streamer. 

If you want to crank those stats up, make sure you’re using the best weapons on the map. The Nitro Fists are a lethal addition to Chapter 5, Season 3, and are absolutely worth your time.

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