Best MW3 SVA 545 loadout and class setup


What is the best MW3 SVA 545 loadout? There are so many assault rifles to choose from in Modern Warfare 3, and each has its ideal use. The SVA 545 is a slightly heavier alternative, although it has a very interesting burst mechanic that can help you rack up quick kills if your accuracy is on point.

The Modern Warfare 3 release date is finally here, and we’ve built our list of the best MW3 loadouts so you can dominate the multiplayer mode from the off. While a lot of people are leaning on the best MW3 MTZ 556 loadout, some are finding more joy with the SVA 545 and its ability to get multiple shots on a target in an instant.


MW3 SVA 545 loadout: a customized assault rifle with its parts labelled.

Best Modern Warfare 3 SVA 545 loadout

The best loadout for the MW3 SVA 545 is:

Muzzle: HMRES Mod Suppressor
Stock: FT TAC-Elite Stock
Ammunition: 5.45 High Grain
Rear Grip: Demo 650 Grip
Magazine: 45-Round Mag

HMRES Mod Suppressor

The SVA 545 has an interesting feature whereby it fires the first two rounds almost instantaneously when you pull the trigger, which can be devastating to your opponents if you’re accurate. Due to this burst/full-auto hybrid, we don’t have to concentrate on recoil control as much as normal, opting for attachments like the HMRES Mod Suppressor and the High Grain ammunition for that extra range.

FT TAC-Elite Stock

We do have the FT TAC-Elite Stock and the Demo 650 Grip in place to ensure that the gun kick isn’t too ferocious, but ultimately the play here is to ensure you hit those first few shots, with the gun rewarding accuracy with that instant burst damage.

45-Round Mag

Adding a larger magazine is down to personal preference, as you do sacrifice some ADS speed for the extra rounds, but since the SVA 545 isn’t the most mobile of MW3 assault rifles, we prefer not to have to reload as much during a gunfight.

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Best SVA 545 class setup in Modern Warfare 3

Here is the best class setup for the SVA 545:

Lethal: Frag Grenade
Tactical: Flash Grenade
Field Upgrade: Munitions Box
Vest: Engineer Vest
Gloves: Quick-Grip Gloves
Boots: Stalker Boots
Gear: EOD Padding, Bone Conduction Headset

While you won’t be the fastest operator on the battlefield with the SVA 545, you will be able to get the drop on your enemies with the Bone Conduction headset, as you’ll be able to hear them coming with much more clarity.

The Stalker Boots enable you to strafe faster while aiming down sights with your weapon – moving laterally when in a gunfight makes you harder to hit. Utilize this while in a firefight to stay as healthy as possible, and if your foe gets too close for comfort, make use of the Quick-Grip Gloves to swap to your secondary and finish the job.

The EOD Padding reduces the effects of your enemy’s grenades, so you’re at much less of a risk when pushing an enclosed space – although we would always recommend clearing these spaces with your own Flash and Frag grenades first.

How to unlock the SVA 545 in MW3

You unlock the SVA 545 once you hit level four, which is also the same level in which you gain access to the Gunsmith. Might as well put those new-found gunsmithing skills to use with this hard-hitting assault rifle.

Our best MW3 SVA 545 loadout should give you a leg-up over the competition when you jump into any of the MW3 maps. If you’ve yet to try the FPS game, check out our MW3 review to read our thoughts on this year’s entry.

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