Best Steam Deck screen protector in 2023


The best Steam Deck screen protector will keep your handheld gaming PC scratch and smash-free. The Steam Deck is often played on the go, which means it finds itself in more hazardous environments than a typical gaming PC machine. You can’t always keep your console in a Steam Deck Case and it deserves protective measures to keep its 7-inch screen clean and pristine.

A screen protector acts as a sacrificial barrier that will prevent any nasties from causing any lasting harm to your Deck’s display. The process of choosing the best screen protector is more nuanced than you might think. Valve opted to include an exclusive etched anti-glare screen on its 512GB Steam Deck, which means that buying any old screen protector is out of the question as most will only reintroduce reflections to your gaming experience.

Luckily for you, we’ve found the best Steam Deck screen protectors made specifically for the console. We picked these options by considering their value for money, durability, and features, as well as testing out several over the years ourselves. When you’re looking for your screen protector, be sure to check its hardness rating, whether it is glossy or anti-glare, any extra features such as applicators, and whether it fits any existing Steam Deck accessories or a Steam Deck dock.

Here are the best Steam Deck screen protectors:

1. Benazcap 2-Pack Steam Deck Protector

Best for those who want the best overall Steam Deck screen protector with a backup. Expect to pay $9.99 (£8.49)

Occasionally in this life, the old adage of ‘cheap, fast, good – pick two’ gets thrown out the window but, miraculously, gets off without a scratch on it. That’s because it was protected by a perfectly aligned screen protector from Benazcap.

That’s right, with Benazcap’s screen protectors, it really feels like you can have your cake and eat it. Included in the ludicrously good value package are two screen protectors rated for 9H hardness at only 0.25mm thick ensuring a long-lasting screen protector that won’t affect your touchscreen. To make it completely foolproof, there’s also an installation kit. We highly recommend spending the extra pennies for this it works out cheaper if you mess it up. You can also buy the pack without one if you ever need more in the future.

This combination of protection, value, and features makes Benazcap’s offering our best overall Steam Deck protector.

2. Dbrand Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Best for those who want the most premium screen protector. Expect to pay $24.95 (with free UK shipping on orders over $30).

Sometimes you just gotta flex on the haters. Not satisfied with the wealth of more affordable options out there, you keep looking for something more luxurious. Dbrand has got your fancy self covered when it comes to buying the best premium Steam Deck screen protector.

With its extremely thin construction, you’d hardly notice it was there and that is exactly why it commands a premium. The polished edges are very nice when using the trackpads as it’s very common for your thumbs to brush the edge of the screen. It isn’t terribly expensive either when you take into consideration that you’re getting two very lovely screen protectors that are very functional which is why it’s our best premium Steam Deck screen protector.

3. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Best for those who want the most durable Steam Deck screen protector. Expect to pay $15.99 (£15.99)

If you want the absolute most durable screen protector and hassle-free application then Spigen’s tempered glass screen protector is an excellent choice. We’ve picked it for its 9H rating on the hardness scale so we know it’s going to take a lot before you would ever need to think about replacing the screen.

Further solidifying it as our premium choice is the oleophobic coating to help prevent fingerprints from the natural oils of your fingers. To ensure absolute accuracy when putting the screen protector on, Spigen has included an alignment tray to ensure a perfectly positioned screen without getting your mucky mitts on it.

4. Magglass Tempered Glass Matte Screen Protector

Best for those who want to protect their 512GB screen and retain an anti-glare display. Expect to pay $17.99 (£20.00)

Valve included a very fancy etched anti-glare display on their top-end 512GB model and while it is very nice, it is also quite expensive to replace it. Less expensive is Magglass’ matte screen protector and we’ve chosen it as it not only protects the underlying display, it does a great job of diffusing unwanted light getting in the way of your gaming.

This could be a great option for those worried about the longevity of their screen or who normally use their 512GB Deck at home but are maybe taking a trip somewhere and want that extra peace of mind. Regardless of your reasons, you won’t go wrong with the Magglass matte screen protector.

5. JSAUX 2-Pack Anti-Glare Steam Deck Screen Protector

Best for those wanting anti-glare screens for 64GB and 256GB Steam Decks. Expect to pay $14.99 (£12.99)

Given how cheap the 64GB and 256GB Steam Decks are relative to their etched-glass sibling, you may want to keep on saving money by opting for these excellent value anti-glare screen protectors. While not quite as good at minimizing reflections as the 512GB screens model, they still go a long way to improving the usability of your Deck in adverse lighting conditions.

This is at no detriment to the strength of the screen protector as it also has a 9H hardness rating. Also included is a handy-dandy applicator taking any guesswork out of the equation ensuring a nice and square fit. If you want anti-glare properties without breaking the bank then JSAUX’s solution could be the one for you.

6. Keruixin/SWANPOW 2-Pack Anti-Blue Light Steam Deck Screen Protector

Best for those who suffer from eye fatigue when looking at screens. Expect to pay $7.98 (£4.99)

In a world where we spend an increasing amount of time looking at screens, some of us have discovered that the blue light emitted by displays can be a real pain for our eyes. This is doubly insulting when after a hard day’s work and all we want to do is settle down on the couch gaming, we can’t even bear to look at our Steam Deck for fear of a migraine.

The manufacturer Keruixin (who goes by SWANPOW in the UK) has a potentially perfect solution for our tired eyes. We’ve picked these screen protectors as they subtly filter out the potentially straining blue light to the point where the colors on the screen barely look any different all while providing a 9H hardness rating.

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