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Boom bang a bang! Bluecoat gallery hosts ‘deadpan’ Ukrainian artist Alevtina Kakhidze during Eurovision

Eurovision fever is building with fans of the camp song concert counting the days to the music extravaganza on 13 May in Liverpool. Bluecoat gallery is hosting an array of accompanying special events including a joint show of works by the Ukrainian artist Alevtina Kakhidze and Liverpool-based Ellie Hoskins (Dialogues, 1-14 May). “Kakhidze is best known for her drawings, performances and videos, which use humour to understand and analyse the world around her. Kakhidze’s recent drawings have focused on the war against Ukraine, charting the impact and effect of war on her family and neighbours. Hoskins shares Kakhidze’s deadpan humour,” the gallery says (note please non-Eurovision followers that Ukraine won last year but in the wake of the Russian invasion, second-place UK stepped in to host the show). We like especially the print party scheduled for 8 May at Bluecoat. “Make your own Eurovision keepsake and experiment with different printing methods at the Bluecoat’s family friendly print party,” says a gallery statement. Who’s up for making a screenprint of Dana International?

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