Can you play Lethal Company solo?


Lethal Company outright advises you “Don’t Go Alone” in its description. Yet if you want to fly solo to spite the Company, then be my guest, I guess.

Playing solo in Lethal Company is harder than getting over your social anxiety to play with randoms. But is it possible?

Is it possible to play Lethal Company solo?

Lethal Company is designed as a co-op horror where players work together and communicate to sell scrap for the Company. Communication is paramount to evade the awful creatures that want to turn you into scrap. No one would recommend playing solo, as it’ll be practically unbeatable.

However, you can actually play Lethal Company solo, although the game will give you a final warning. This means you’ll have to do all the dirty work yourself, and no one will have your back. There will be no call-outs, no help, and no extra eyes watching out for traps and monsters.

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How to play Lethal Company solo

To play Lethal Company solo, you’ll simply have to host a LAN game, instead of an online one. Typically, LAN games allow you to invite local players, but in this case, you can just start without anyone else with you. It’s very easy to do and will allow you to practice your skills without having to wait for your friends.

Flashlight In Lethal Company
Image: Zeekerss

If you want to last two seconds playing Lethal Company solo, then you’ll need to set yourself some ground rules. Do not be outside after 6 pm. If the weather is clear, you may be able to make it to 8 pm, but make sure you’re at least heading home by 6. This way, you won’t needlessly get slaughtered by the aliens that come out to play.

You’ll also want to invest in a Pro-flashlight. This will allow you to more easily see those dastardly “head crabs”, and will generally make navigation easier since you’re on your own, here.

Organization will be key. If you don’t have a clear plan of action and the dedication to pull it off, you’ll probably find yourself victim to staying out for too long and not meeting the quota. And you can’t miss the quota.

I hope this has been helpful, fellow scavenger, although I also hope you know what you’re doing if you decide to take on this challenge.

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