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Chimpzee Presale to End Soon After Rapid Rise in Traffic – Could This Meme Coin Explode?


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Chimpzee was a meme coin confined to a small community of early investors a few weeks back.

But that’s not the case now.

$CHMPZ is trending as investors from around the world crowd the presale. With the token predicted to 10X on its release after the presale, buying in at the low price is emerging to become a strategic move.

What is Chimpzee, and What is its Deal?

In its early stages, the crypto sphere was celebrated for using blockchain technology as a tool for decentralized data management and financial transactions. Over the years, the underlying technology has launched diverse applications across various industries.

Yet, the current crypto landscape is predominantly confined to art, gaming, and DeFi. The fact that new crypto projects mimicking the few original and successful ones has stifled the growth of the industry.

The market is desperate for some originality and authenticity. So it makes sense why a project like Chimpzee that uses the meme coin tag to generate awareness around its climate goals has become a sensation in a short time.

At the heart of it, Chimpzee is a hybrid meme coin character, blending human and ape traits. The project’s goal is to revolutionize Web3 with sustainability at its core. The Chimpzee ecosystem is designed for eco-conscious individuals, featuring three pillars that allocate a share of their revenue to environmental causes.

The Chimpzee Ecosystem is Underpinned by Crypto Incentivization

1. The Chimpzee Shop with Shop-to-Earn Utility 

The Chimpzee Shop serves as a merchandise hub.

It offers merchandise—t-shirts, tops, mugs, to name a few—featured with slogans that portray the project’s environmental mission.

2. The Chimpzee NFT marketplace with Trade-to-Earn Utility 

The NFT marketplace is the second platform that helps the project sustain a regular stream of revenue. The platform prioritizes NFTs featuring environmental themes, providing a space for users to acquire unique assets.

3. The Zero Tolerance Game with Play-to-Earn Utility

The play-to-earn game centered on climate action and sustainability has dual objectives.

The first is to raise awareness about the project’s broader environmental ambitions.
The second is to foster community engagement.

All three platforms reward users for their contribution with $CHMPZ rewards.

A share of the revenue generated from the ecosystem is dedicated to organizations that support wildlife causes.

Interestingly, Chimpzee has begun contributing to missions that it aligns with even before the launch of the token. The predetermined goals are implemented every time the presale hits a relevant milestone. It is accompanied by a token burning system.

Here are a few of the missions that Chimpzee has donated to:

Planted 1200 trees to restore the Brazilian rainforest,
Donated $15,000 to save desert-adapted elephants,
Planted 20,000 trees in Guatemala,
Donations in support of preserving 1000 sq meters of Australian rainforest,
Initiating donations to save forgotten animals in war-torn Ukraine,
Planting over 5,000 trees in Tanzania to help fight climate change.

An analysis of the Chimpzee ecosystem shows that users are gravitating toward the project due to its primary focus on environmental sustainability.

The unique blend of merchandise, NFTs, and a game that aligns with environmental values while rewarding users distinguishes Chimpzee from the crowded landscape.

Crypto rewards as a catalyst for engagement

Chimpzee uses crypto rewards as a catalyst to nurture community engagement in a practical approach.

Although in an ideal world, people will willingly join climate action out of intrinsic motivation, time is a luxury. We need time for most people to become aware of the consequences of wildlife destruction and climate change. And that wouldn’t happen until the consequences of climate change are evident to the eyes.

That’s a huge price to pay.

Chimpzee recognizes that while awareness programs are crucial for long-term impact, short-term measures have equal relevance. At the end of the day, it is about taking action and generating results.

A shift in strategy has long been necessary in environmental initiatives.

Chimpzee incentivizes users who support its causes with $CHMPZ tokens, which can be converted into fiat or cryptocurrencies from open exchanges.

While purchasing merchandise from the store earns users $CHMPZ tokens, the trade-to-earn platform rewards active traders with a share of platform profits. The play-to-earn game rewards users for their gaming performance and leaderboard rankings.

Chimpzee NFT Passports are another key asset of the platform. NFT holders can significantly amplify rewards across the platforms. But only presale investors of $CHMPZ tokens gain access to the NFT sales in the initial phase.

The last chance to buy $CHMPZ for discounts

The Chimpzee presale, divided into sixteen stages, is closing in on its end.

As it holds tangible real-world relevance and boasts potential partnerships with prominent wildlife organizations, Chimpzee is a potential 10X crypto. Its escalating interest, bordering on FOMO, sets the stage for an explosive price action on the token launch.

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