‘CLEAVING CALIBER’ Bounces a Targeting Reticule to Take Out Foes

CLEAVING CALIBER sees you pinging a target around for a sniper, trying to bounce your reticule into a position that will tell your partner to take the shot.

There’s been a big heist of some fancy tech, and law enforcement needs a sniper to stop them. Thankfully, that’s someone else’s job. My hands are too unsteady for that kind of work. In this game, you will be spotting for the sniper, although you’ll do it in a weird way. You’ll bounce a targeting reticule around the screen, and when it moves on top of an enemy, the sniper will take the shot. It works a bit like a block breaker where you’ll have to keep that reticule bounding around the screen without falling out the bottom. If that happens, you lose a chunk of your life. Lose them all and the mission fails. Which is fair since it means you’re a terrible spotter anyway.

CLEAVING CALIBER - someone shoots from an airplane down at a police van

Your little law enforcement vehicle needs to move around the bottom of the screen to keep that reticule bouncing. However, the shooters you’re fighting aren’t happy that you’re working to get them killed. So, they shoot you at since they can’t locate the sniper. The van is pretty tough and can take a good couple of hits, but getting blasted will stun the vehicle at times. While stunned, you can’t move for a little bit, which can be a disaster while your reticule is bouncing towards the bottom of the screen. You can get some power-ups that increase your speed or give you multiple targeting reticules to use at the same time, though, so you can possibly power through a few hits if you picked up some good power-ups.

CLEAVING CALIBER is a neat take on block breakers that adds a bit more gunfire and mayhem to them. Combined with a sharp pixel art aesthetic, it’s a great, punchy action game.

CLEAVING CALIBER - a targeting reticule moves toward shooters in a ruined building

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