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Coinbase Executives Visit UAE to Explore Potential for Crypto Operations


Executives from the US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, including CEO Brian Armstrong, have visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to explore the potential for crypto operations in the region. The visit comes as Coinbase seeks to expand its international presence and establish strategic hubs in key locations around the world.

During the visit, Armstrong met with policymakers and spoke at the Dubai FinTech Summit, highlighting the growing interest in the region as a destination for crypto-related businesses. The UAE has become increasingly attractive to firms in the crypto industry due to its favourable regulatory environment and abundant sources of energy, which can be used to power energy-intensive operations such as crypto mining.

Coinbase’s visit coincides with a partnership between Marathon Digital Holdings and Zero Two to create a large-scale immersion Bitcoin-mining facility in Abu Dhabi. The joint venture, called the Abu Dhabi Global Markets JV Entity, will comprise two mining sites with a combined 250-megawatt capacity and will be powered by excess energy from Abu Dhabi’s grid.

Marathon Digital’s experience in developing a custom-built immersion solution for cooling mining rigs will be key to the success of the project, particularly given the challenges posed by the desert climate in Abu Dhabi, where temperatures can reach up to 28 degrees Celsius (82 degree Fahrenheit).

The joint venture between Marathon Digital and Zero Two aims to take advantage of Abu Dhabi’s excess energy to power the mining facilities, with a view to increasing sustainability and base load. The use of liquid cooling solutions will help to overcome the challenges of the desert climate, where high temperatures make traditional air cooling methods infeasible.

Overall, the partnership between Marathon Digital and Zero Two represents a significant step forward in the development of the crypto mining industry in Abu Dhabi, as the two companies look to capitalize on the region’s excess energy and overcome the challenges of the desert climate. Coinbase’s visit to the UAE highlights the growing interest in the region as a destination for crypto-related businesses, and could pave the way for further expansion in the Middle East.

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