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Derelict noob? You’ve stumbled into the Derelict Guide For Beginners. In this guide, we cover all you need to know about the alpha release of the Roblox game Derelict. Join us as we tell you where you need to go, and what you do in the early stages of this game.

This intense Dark Souls MMO-inspired Roblox game is finally in its Alpha release, meaning PC and Mobile players can finally unite in this RPG experience. Find yourself in a neglected dystopian future and discover what awaits in your open-world environment, as you explore the dangers and mysteries of this vast game.

Don’t forget to check out the Derelict project over on the Official Site, and if you love inspired games check out what we have Fire Force Online Clans Guide, Or try Demon Slayer Legacy Clan, and if anime is your beat in general and you fancy something new we also have a Black Clover Mobile.

Derelict Guide For Beginners

Let’s crack on with the guide so you can get back to playing!

Where To Begin

Once loading into the game you’ll be greeted by a character customization screen where chains shackle your avatar. Once you’re all personalised you’ll spawn into the game at a location called Desolate Valley, and desolate is right! If you take a look around you’ll quickly notice that the entire surrounding scenery is entirely grassland and stone.

Gideons Camp

Now you follow the convenient path that leads you Eastward. You’ll pass some chickens along the way, stop and say hi, or maybe push them around a little to get used to the battle mechanics of this game. Regardless, don’t lose the path as it will take you to Gideons Camp. Here you want to interact with The Blacksmith, Gideon who will have a quest for you. During this introductory quest where you retrieve 3 logs for him, you will become familiarised with a lot of the game skills and mechanics.

So, What Now?

After completing the first quests of the game, including the Pale Leather quest from Percival, you will want to aim for better equipment, I would recommend grinding for the Bronze Sword. With the better sword, you can make easier work of the bandits at the dens and grind for Pale Leather, which you should use for crafting yourself some basic armour.

The Grind Begins

I personally love grind games, it always feels so rewarding when you finally get the kit you were striving for. Anyway, get comfy with a snack and grind until you are at level 15 for Mining. This is crucial as you will then unlock Iron Ore, which is far superior to your current gear, so it’s necessary for better weapons and equipment. You will also have to increase your craft level to Crafting Level 12 to make Iron Bars, you can build your level by crafting and selling Bronze Ores, which will also build some cash.


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