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Destiny 2 Starter Pack Removed From Sale After Massive Fan Backlash


A massive fan backlash has caused Destiny 2 developer Bungie to pull the game’s new Starter Pack from sale.

In a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), Bungie says that it’s been “monitoring the conversation” around what fans like and what they don’t like after yesterday’s Season of the Wish launch.

Part of what fans apparently aren’t enjoying is the Starter Pack, which Bungie says “is not something bringing joy”.

A Guardian leaping to attack an enemy with a double-bladed axe-style weapon in Destiny 2
Bungie is “monitoring the conversation” when it comes to Destiny 2’s newest additions.

In response to negative player feedback, Bungie has pulled the Starter Pack from stores, acknowledging that “there are other parts of Destiny 2” new players should start with before “chasing these Exotic weapons, cosmetics, and upgrade materials”.

As pointed out in a story by IGN, prior to the pack’s removal, it had attracted satirical user tags like “Capitalism”, “Crime”, and “Psychological Horror” on Steam, as well as a “Mixed” user rating.

Per Forbes’ Paul Tassi, the pack in question, which contained three Exotic weapons, three cosmetic items, and some upgrade materials, was “actively deceptive” and contained items that were mostly useless or easy to earn in Destiny 2’s current meta.

A Guardian holding a bladed weapon aloft in Destiny 2
Players have responded negatively to Destiny 2’s Starter Pack.

As well as addressing the Starter Pack, Bungie also responded to negative feedback regarding “asking players to go back to the Blind Well as part of the first week’s story”.

The studio says players won’t need to go back each week, and that you’ll only be returning once in Week 6, with the Blind Well switching to “an opt-in activity” after that point.

Negative feedback for the Starter Pack comes at a bad time for Bungie. Earlier this week, the studio officially announced a delay for upcoming expansion The Final Shape, pushing it from February to June.

The extra time will, Bungie says, allow the developers to craft an “even bigger and bolder vision” for the expansion pack.

Bungie also apparently laid off around a hundred employees in October after poor sales and low player retention for the controversial Destiny 2 expansion Lightfall.

We’ll have to wait and see what lies in Destiny 2’s future. Stay tuned for more on this and all other things Bungie.

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