[DEV] IdleMMO – An Online Idle RPG

[DEV] IdleMMO - An Online Idle RPG

Hey there. I'm the developer of IdleMMO – an online idle RPG. You may also know our other game – SimpleMMO.

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To give a brief overview on what IdleMMO is – it's an idle game with MMO-esque features. You can mine various ores, go fishing, travel to various locations, participate in a thriving player market, join a guild, battle world bosses, participate in raids, and more.

What makes IdleMMO different?

We designed this IdleMMO to be slightly different to the other idle games you see on the market. Right now, the store is inundated with them and we wanted to see if we could shake things up just a little bit.

That is why we we have designed this idle game to move away from the "set it and forget it" approach that a lot of games have where you can quickly hop on for a minute, press "start" and forget it for the next 24 hours. When developing IMMO, our aim was to incorporate idle mechanics that enable significant character progression in less time compared to typical idle games, but with the requirement of at least some level of player interaction with the game.

Honestly, our approach to this likely isn't for everyone and we completely acknowledge that. There will certainly be people who will play it and expect the typical idle mechanic of being abe to perform actions for a significant period of time. We have had numerous complaints that the game isn't "idle" (despite it literally being idle by definition). However, simply put, there are thousands of games that do the same thing. We didn't really want to build more of the same.

That said, admittedly, there is absoutely room for improvement in our approach. We have been overly cautious about not making the "idle time" substantially high. We plan to increase the idle time limit, as it is currently set a bit too low.


Let's be upfront about this – this game is monetized (but it's not bad. hear us our first). We've been extremely careful with how we have approached the monetization in this game to not make it "P2W" or give paying players an unfair advantage.

The game offers a membership subscription, which can also be purchased with in-game gold (58% of our subscribers have done so). The subscription doesn't lock any content; it mainly provides small helpful benefits. Tokens are used to expand slots or for cosmetic skins only.

There is absoutely no ads, lootboxes, or any way of boosting your character with premium currency.

If you want to read more about our monetisation strategy and our rationale behind our monetization decisions, we have blogged extensively about it which you can read here.

Download Link (Play Store):

Alternatively, you can play via a browser here:

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