Discover How Real F1 Data Creates the Ultimate Sporting Simulation in F1 Manager 2024


Add an 11th team to the grid and make them your own with F1 Manager 2024’s new Create A Team modeDeeper management tools and new broadcast options bring the world of F1 to life like never beforeDiscover the real F1 data powering your every decision

Do you have what it takes to write your own legacy in Formula 1? F1 Manager 2024 accelerates onto Xbox consoles on July 23, placing you in the hotseat of a team competing in the world’s most prestigious motorsports championship. This year, for the first time ever, you will be able to add your own 11th team to the grid, designing your own route to the podium as you customise the look of your team and seek sponsorship to support your lofty goals.

F1 Manager 2024 utilizes hundreds of real-world data points taken from the sport in the most authentic and immersive experience to date. But just how does that data affect how you’ll be managing your team?

New to the series this year is the Mentality System, which gives you a greater understanding than ever before into the personal ambitions and characters of your team. To do this we wanted each driver and staff member to react in a more human way, for them to have ambition, opinions, and expectations about how you and your team are performing. To do this we looked at real-world data regarding their careers. How many wins do they have? How many races have they competed in? Did they compete in F2 or F3? Have they developed a championship winning car?

We use this type of data to make each individual’s history and experience drive how they react and respond to the world they live in. This also allows our drivers and staff to develop and change over time just like in real life as the data points we use are constantly updating and changing, which in turn changes how they perceive the world. Putting two previous World Championship winners in the same car won’t guarantee results, as they’re still hungry for race wins. Likewise, someone who’s new to the F1 paddock will be happy to see their experience build. Fail to keep your stars happy, and rival teams can take advantage of this to poach them to their own teams.

Authenticity is at the core of the F1® Manager series, so this commitment to real-world data forms the foundations of our driver and staff ratings.  From the individual Driver attributes to each staff member’s abilities in building a car or operating at a race track, everything is balanced according to real life results and historic data. For example, a 1st – 20th ranking of the number of laps done on each compound of tyre in every Grand Prix since 2020, how efficient those strategies were at those races, plus car performance weightings to ensure fairness in the results, allows us to indicate an initial smoothness rating for a driver.

Revamped UI in F1 Manager 2024 shows you how important each area of the car is, in anticipation of the next few races. This information is generated using calculations that amalgamate real tyre, lap time and performance data directly from our partners at F1, such as best sector times in Qualifying, or speed differential between using or not using DRS through a Speed Trap. This level of commitment to the real-world data spreads throughout every part of the game, from the strategies you’ll use on track to the development of future talent through the new Affiliates system, allowing you to recruit the stars of the future from F2, F3 and beyond.

Once you’ve got your team set up, our race simulation brings the action to life with broadcast-like cameras, including the strategic new Heli-cam.  How each car performs across each of the 24 circuits is informed by more real-world data which we work on with the F1 Motorsport team. Our engineering team run thousands of simulated scenarios on every lap and every corner to produce a wealth of information, identifying each car’s opportunities to overtake and how they perform. These simulations are fed by data such as overall lap times from previous Grand Prix, weather conditions and the rate of tyre wear, ensuring every race in F1 Manager 2024 feels authentic and realistic to F1 fans.

You can dive into the data yourself and create a legacy with your own team when F1 Manager 2024 releases on July 23 for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Pre-order ahead of launch to receive an additional exclusive Create A Team preset livery replicating the F1 2024 Show Car, or choose to enhance your experience with 10% off the suggested retail price of F1 Manager 2024: Deluxe Edition, which adds five classically inspired patterns to Create A Team mode, whilst an additional five fictional Race Replay scenarios offer unique single-race challenges.

F1® Manager 2024 Deluxe Edition

Xbox Live

F1® Manager 2024 Deluxe Edition

Frontier Developments



Preorder the F1® Manager 2024 Deluxe Edition now to receive: 
Create A Team F1® 2024 Show Car preset  
5 Create A Team Classically Inspired Livery Patterns  
5 Custom Race Replay Scenarios 
A 10% Prepurchase Discount 

The F1® Manager 2024 Deluxe Upgrade Pack contains 5 classically inspired livery patterns for use in Create A Team and 5 custom race replay scenarios that will push even the most strategic Team Principal to the limit. 

Lead your team to glory in F1® Manager 2024. A new Formula 1® season has arrived, and with it, the most comprehensive F1® management experience to date. Build a legacy with one of 10 official F1® constructors or create your own team for the very first time.

Plan and direct your team’s strategy and watch as your driver’s execute your commands in thrilling F1 races, brought to life with a broadcast-quality presentation. Manage your drivers, staff, car development and facilities throughout multiple seasons to give your team the best chance to claim a spot on the Formula 1 podium.

NEW FOR 2024

For the first time in the series, create your own team to challenge the grid and forge a new legacy. Customise every element of your team from your origin and livery design to logo and racing suits. Recruit the right staff and drivers and negotiate with sponsors for placement on your car.

The dramatic world of F1 comes to life on and off the track with the brand-new Mentality System. Manage the personalities and needs of your staff and drivers in the pursuit of success. Keep your stars happy to avoid allowing rivals from poaching your talent, disrupting your team’s trajectory towards the top.

Build a legacy by fostering talents from F2 & F3 to add to your own affiliate pool. Access the stars of the future and ensure their success is your success.

Circuits visuals have been refreshed for the official 2024 season, including the returning Shanghai International Circuit. Improved track marbling and enhanced use of real-world data mean racing lines are clearer than ever, with enhanced trackside detailing providing the best-looking visual presentation to date.

Helicam provides a strategic bird’s eye view on the action, giving you a new perspective when executing and evolving your race day plans

Races present ever-evolving challenges and opportunities with the introduction of Mechanical Failures. Can you mitigate these issues as they arise to stay on track? Ensure you are in position to capitalise on rivals’ issues and claim unexpected results.

·         2024 F1® Sprint race format
·         2024 driver and staff roster, including drivers from development and team academies
·         Improved approachability including refreshed data visualisations, the option to simulate the full race weekend, and enhanced tutorials
·         Race Replay returns for another thrilling season, allowing you to relive and redefine moments from the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship™

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