Disney Has Reportedly Been Considering Acquiring EA, As President Bob Iger Said To Be Under Pressure To Make The Company A Bigger Player In Gaming


Disney is reportedly considering acquiring Electronic Arts, in a move that would be designed to make Disney an instant big player within the games industry.

According to a new feature from Bloomberg, the move to acquire EA is being pushed by senior executives trying to whisper in president Bob Iger’s ear, though the feature claims that Iger’s been noncommittal to the idea of acquiring EA.

If EA were to be acquired by Disney, that would definitely make the Mickey Mouse company an instantly massive publisher in the industry, with the power of the EA Sports division alone, never mind the EA Entertainment side on top of that.

Especially considering all the IP Disney has under its belt that could now potentially be put to even more use in games than it already is.

EA has been one of the biggest independent publishers in the industry for years, though the idea of them being acquired has been tossed around before.

With the recent scrutiny that Microsoft received over Activision Blizzard’s acquisition, it’ll be interesting to see if this does end up happening, how difficult it will be for both parties to get the deal to close.

Source – [Bloomberg]

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