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Draconia Saga to Launch Closed Beta Testing on May 16th –

“Draconia Saga” (also known as KARIZ -カリツの伝説/Acadia M) by game developer Sugarfun Game will be setting up servers in the Philippines after gaining immense popularity in China, Japan, and Korea. The closed beta test (CBT) is scheduled to begin on May 16th.

Those who wish to participate in the CBT, can register at

“Draconia Saga” is a cartoon-style MMORPG. Its world, Draconia, is inhabited by various fantastical creatures that live in harmony with humans. As an adventurer, you can explore this enchanting realm, capture a variety of pets, and assemble your very own party.

Each pet has unique abilities that can aid you in battles, quests, navigating maps, and gathering resources. They can even help you with farming, fishing, and cooking.

“Draconia Saga” offers four distinct classes to choose from, namely the Archer, the Wizard, the Lancer, and the Dancer. You will meet fellow players, go on adventures with your allies, and face fearsome enemies together.

For those seeking a relaxed and casual gaming experience, “Draconia Saga” promises a novel and fun-filled experience with friends.

Closed beta testing for “Draconia Saga” begins on May 16th, and registration is now open. Sign up using the following link to be among the first to play the game!

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