Dynasty Warriors M – Global Launch


Nexon has announced the official launch of their latest mobile game, Dynasty Warriors M. The game was soft launched a month ago in certain SEA regions and it’s now available for Android and iOS Players from around the world.

Dynasty Warriors M is an officially licensed game from KOEI TECMO’s Dynasty Warriors series. At the start of the game, Players can collect and develop over 50 Officers from 5 different factions.

The combat for mobile is a watered down version from the original console game as you’re only fighting in one single area. The console version has at least multiple zones to explore with many different sub-objectives to achieve thus making combat less mundane. However, for the mobile version, it seems that you are only fighting trash enemies and waiting for the boss enemies to spawn.

With that being said, you are still getting the third-person view, tons of enemies to hack’n’slash and most importantly, powerful Musou’s for your General’s to unleash.



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