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EA Sports College Football 25 Gameplay Reveal Shows Attention to Detail

EA has revealed the first gameplay footage for EA Sports College Football 25, and it looks like exactly the kind of thing you’d want if you’ve been waiting for this revival since 2013.

Full disclosure: I’m a Brit, and what I know about college football wouldn’t fill the back of one of our very picturesque postage stamps. Still, we’ve got college football fans on our team, and our very own Andrew Otton assures me this is a strong showing.

Yesterday, EA promised to show us EA Sports College Football 25 in all its glory in a trailer, and they’ve made good on that promise. The footage doesn’t technically show raw gameplay, but it does show what you can expect from the game’s impressive-looking engine.

Players gathered on the field during the opening of a game in EA Sports College Football 25
EA is paying attention to the fine details in EA Sports College Football 25.

It looks like EA is not only paying attention to how games feel, but also how EA Sports College Football 25 pays tribute to its subject matter.

Plenty of pregame rituals and traditions have been incorporated into the game; in the trailer, we can see the USC Trojan stabbing the field, for instance, as well as the iconic Oregon Ducks motorcycle.

Any college football fan knows that the behavior of the crowds and the teams’ mascots can be just as important as what happens on the field, so it’s nice to see EA paying attention to this element of college football.

You can check out the new trailer for EA Sports College Football 25 right here. It should bring a happy tear to your eye if you’re a college football fanatic.

In an accompanying press release, EA reveals some of the features that will be making their way to EA Sports College Football in July.

They include a Wear & Tear system that requires you to manage your players’ fatigue and stamina on the field, as well as a system that incorporates the unnerving feeling of a homefield advantage into the gameplay itself.

All 134 FBS colleges will be represented in EA Sports College Football 25, and you can look forward to realistic “unique team run-outs, rivalry rituals, synchronized crowd-chants, loudness meters”, and mascots, plus lots more.

It’s nice to see the EA Sports College Football franchise returning. The last installment was all the way back in 2013, and a series of lawsuits and setbacks made another game in the series impossible for many years.

In 2021, however, the NCAA and EA revealed that college football games would return, with EA signing a four-game deal to bring its signature franchise back to life. 

EA Sports College Football 25, the first game in that four-game deal, launches on July 17th on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. No PC version has been announced. Stay tuned for more.

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