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EGX, MCM Comic-Con Organizer ReedPop “Investigating Potential Sale” of Eurogamer, VG247, and More


EGX and MCM Comic-Con organizer ReedPop is looking to sell off its Gamer Network arm, which includes publications such as Eurogamer, VG247, and Rock Paper Shotgun.

According to (which is also part of Gamer Network), ReedPop is currently “investigating the potential sale” of these publications.

ReedPop says it believes that selling Gamer Network would offer “the best conditions for the growth of the business”, although it doesn’t specify how.

A presenter talking into a microphone branded with the logo for the ReedPop event EGX
ReedPop is best known for events like EGX and the MCM Comic-Con.

As well as the aforementioned publications, Gamer Network also includes shares of partners like Digital Foundry and Outside Xbox.

ReedPop has clarified that the potential sale doesn’t impact “any of the other ReedPop properties in the UK”, including events like EGX and MCM Comic-Con, as well as Popverse.

Naturally, this announcement doesn’t constitute a finalized sale of the network, nor does it include any details regarding ReedPop’s asking price for the business.

You might know ReedPop’s name from the announcement that it would take over legendary gaming expo E3 last year.

The event was due to take place in June of this year and would have been the first in-person E3 event since 2019, with major exhibitors like Ubisoft, Microsoft, and EA confirmed or presumed to be attending.

However, Ubisoft subsequently revealed that it would not, in fact, participate in ReedPop’s inaugural E3 event, and other companies like Devolver Digital announced their intention not to attend as well.

Following that, E3 2023 was officially canceled in March this year, and the ESA subsequently terminated its partnership with ReedPop for E3 in September.

The ultimate fate of Gamer Network remains to be seen; ReedPop has only just announced its intention to sell, after all, and it may take some time for the company to find a buyer.

Stay tuned for more info on this sale, and all other things pertaining to the industry, as soon as we get it.

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