Elden Ring New Mod Lets You Play the Game in First-Person

Elden Ring’s success and popularity needs no separate mention these days. After bagging multiple Game of the Year awards, and being a fan favourite since its launch, not to mention the crazy anticipation from before, the third-person RPG has already proved its mettle. Multiple mods in the meanwhile have come up, some of which being hilarious, while some others just aim at making a gaming experience a little better. The latest is one First Person Souls, that lets you play Elden Ring with a first-person perspective. Here are all the details.

Elden Ring FPS mod details

A mod from The First Person Souls launched a few days back, and it offers a whole new perspective to play Elden Ring from. Created by modder Dasaav, it lets you play Elden Ring, which is originally in third person perspective, in FPS. It is a new, remarkable way to experience the Lands Between, and is available for download from Nexus Mods and GitHub. You can also check out the trailer here.

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That’s not all. It also includes a feature that packs in a little more life into your kicks, often sending your enemies flying off. Clips of this feature in action are now available and it is funny to see the kicks landing, and actually incurring damage. Check it out for yourself.

Elden Ring is currently awaiting its first DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, another highly anticipated launch. Much about the details of the release window however aren’t known yet.

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