Emulating – any games like these:

Emulating - any games like these:

GBA(or not) topdown view isometric(preferred) action RPG or adventure games.

I have played the following:

Dragonball Z: the legacy of goku 2 and Buu's Fury(GBA); Van Helsing(GBA); The Narnia GBA game; The sims Bustin'out, The Urbz, The sims 2 etc(GBA); Naruto RPG(all the three games); Harry Potter "rpg" games( 1 and 2 in gameboy color and the third for GBA); Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance(GBA); The Lord of the Rings(all three games in GBA.

I think you guys have get what kind of game i am talking about.

Personally, a love this graphics, but it is only one preference. for GBA, NDS, Android or whatever, i don't mind.

Did you know some games like these?

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