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Hey! I’m Connor, writer and Art Director for Lil Gator Game. Nice to meet you!

The thought of our silly little game getting people through a tough winter fills me with joy! Even more exciting is the fact that as you play Lil Gator Game for the first time on Xbox, you also have the unique opportunity to play it for the first time ever in the Fall, the season Lil Gator Game is set!

LGG environment

School has started up again in full swing. Jobs are hiring and your friend probably landed one. Soon it will be Halloween, then Christmas, then a year from now, then ten! It’s your last chance to go to the beach, or camping, or whatever you’d like to do before the weather is bad or your schedule is full or someone you really want to spend time with just doesn’t have that time anymore.

 If that resonated with you, you’re in the same boat as Lil Gator, feeling the same feelings and breathing the same autumnal air. If the world feels more different than it ever has, then this game has something to say to you, and you may be in the best position you’ll ever be in to listen.

LGG screenshots

If that all sounds a little heavy, don’t worry, the time you’ll have in Lil Gator Game will be much more upbeat! Our game is a low-stakes adventure about a bunch of goofy kids and the funny things they say to each other. You’ll meet a ton of silly little dudes, get all wrapped up in their silly little stories, and learn what silly little things are more important to them than anything else in the world. There’s no health bar and no dark twists, but maybe have some tissues nearby when you get towards the end. Just a hunch!

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As a reminder, I’m the game’s writer! So, if you read this article and thought to yourself, “wow this is all surprisingly coherent for a game that prides itself on being cute and silly,” then please pick up Lil Gator Game and give us a chance to surprise you even more. It’s fun to read, fun to listen to, fun to find your way around, and –in my opinion– a lot of fun to talk about!

Thanks for reading, ya crazy kid. Tell Master Chief I said hi!

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Lil Gator Game

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Lil Gator Game

Playtonic Friends




The island is your playground
There’s a buddy atop every hill in this open-world, movement-focused adventure and they all seem to need help! Bop cardboard baddies, brave serene hills and forests, and scale sheer rocks that only a kid would dare!

Joyful Exploration
Explore a lovingly crafted island full to the brim with areas to discover, friends to make and joy to be had. Each area of the island brings unique quests and characters to meet. Glide through the mountain tops and drop in on the Theatre Troupe kids, swing your stick sword through the forest with the Prep schoolers or find the ‘Cool Kids’ down in the Creaklands. With plenty more areas to discover, there’s no knowing who you might run into!

Make Friends
The world is big when you’re a lil gator… Good thing it’s also full of friends! Make new friends and invite them to play in the islands playground. Each new friend you make will add to your adventure, but making new friends isn’t always easy, You might have to complete a quest or two!

Crafty Customization
Collect arts & crafts supplies all over the island! Use them to make yourself all kinds of goodies and bring the playground to life! Craft new abilities – use your ragdoll teddy to ragdoll lil Gator from mountain top to the valleys below! Skim pebbles into hard-to-reach cardboard baddies!

Bop Baddies
A no-pressure adventure game! Lil Gator game focuses on adventure and play, don’t let a health bar hold you back from reaching your goal!

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