Fallout New Vegas mod reinvigorates guns with a massive overhaul

If there’s one thing in Fallout New Vegas that hasn’t aged well, it’s the animation. The writing is timeless, the worldbuilding is engrossing, and the characters are memorable. Time has come for the engine that first built Fallout 3, though, but the hourglass is always being refilled by dedicated modders. This is now true of gun animations, as they’ve been given a much-welcome overhaul and look better than ever.

The Fallout New Vegas mod ‘Animation Overhaul – Guns’ has been downloaded over 20,000 times in just a few days, offering up another revitalization for the stellar RPG. Covering almost every single gun in Fallout New Vegas, the aim is for weapons to have more immersive, realistic, and engaging animations to bring an extra layer of polish to the Mojave.

Created in concert between ‘hitman47101’ and ‘rockbiter68,’ it’s an ambitious mod that makes an important change. When you’re not talking to NPCs you’re shooting them, after all. So having most of the guns feel fresh and polished is sure to make your next playthrough all the better.

“The definitive first-person animation pack for guns in Fallout: New Vegas and TTW,” the modders write. “Two-and-a-half years in this making, this pack covers (almost) every weapon in base New Vegas, its DLCs, and in TTW. Includes configurable FOMOD install for ease of installation and customization.”

TTW refers to ‘Tale of Two Wastelands,’ a mod for Fallout 3 and New Vegas that lets you play both with one character as though they’re the same game. This means these weapon improvements will work if you decide to play the two games as one.

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Only ten guns don’t have improved animations in the Fallout New Vegas mod, so you can bet that almost anything you pick up will have new life breathed into it when you start playing. The mod only applies to guns mind you, so there aren’t any melee or unarmed weapons with new animations. The Fallout New Vegas weapon animation mod can be found right here.

As much as I love wacky mods, I always download ones that change the little things. Better UI, streamlined visuals, and quality-of-life tweaks are usually at the top of my list. So seeing the guns of New Vegas get a face-lift puts this project first in line in my mod order, as it should be on yours.

There are even more games like Fallout to play if you fancy something a little different, with enough here to keep you busy until the fabled Fallout 5 release date.

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