Former Sony Director Phil Harrison Allegedly Left Google Stadia Shortly Before Shutdown

Google Stadia closed its servers just under three months ago, and it seems like former Google vice president and head of Stadia, Phil Harrison left the company at the same time. Harrison’s departure has not been officially announced by Google or Harrison himself.

Phil Harrison’s future plans after he left Google

There is no inkling as to what Harrison’s future plans may be. He was also previously the head of SCE Worldwide Studios, corporate vice president at Xbox, and a member of the board for Atari, but he has held plenty of positions outside of the gaming industry too. It’s unknown whether he will remain in the gaming industry now. Harrison’s departure has not been formally announced but sources told Business Insider that he left Google with little fanfare in January, the same month the Stadia service closed down.

Stadia’s cloud streaming was meant to become the future of gaming by offering players the opportunity to play games without purchasing the hardware usually needed to run them. Previously seen as a threat to their share of the market, Microsoft and Sony joined forces to enhance their cloud gaming offerings and take on Google Stadia, but it seems like they need not have bothered. Stadia never really took off and the servers closed permanently on January 18, 2023.

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